Friday, 18 October 2013

We just found a blogging site that kicks the .... out of blogger. (sorry, google)

Looks like we may be relocating to a much blogging site with a much cleaner interface. More news on this when we have more news to report.

A blog post about learning how to post blog posts

So what we've learned from this project so far is that basically, we have a lot to learn. None of us were very experienced in the art of blogging before this, and it has been an interesting process running this one. One area in particular is our backlog of posts - a blog is supposed to reflect the timeline from which the material is gathered, but many of our posts were posted and still are being posted days after they have been recorded/written due to technical/operational difficulties learning experiences. The result is that our blog isn't as visually appealing as it could have been - the posts are clumped under one or two days and don't really capture the true gradual, steady growth of our project. No way to fix it this time (unless any of you know how to go back in time? if so, comment below), but hey, we've got it covered for the next one.

- L, V, S

Random Insight: Why a filter? And if it doesn't require screws and bolts, can it still be ambitious?

When Artem, our TA, introduced this project in class, many of the projects which he described were very hardware based - by that, we mean that they seemed to required lots of sawing and drilling and all of that stuff. We realized that we ultimately had two paths which we could choose: a project that was also very hardware based, or a project that had more of an artsy, DIY feel. This project is about challenging and pushing ourselves, but it is also about being strategic... and part of being strategic is playing to your strengths. We collectively decided as a group that we much preferred the second path, as we both felt more strongly endowed in that area and felt that we would enjoy this type of project more.

Which brings us to our second question: can a project of the artsy, DIY-  type still be highly ambitious? We believe that the answer is yes. Sure, a camera filter can be easily thrown together, but it is also true that it be crafted with great thought and precision, with innovative and creative designs. Isn't this true with any life endeavor?

- L, V, S

Aaaand speedbump.

So today is the big day --- the day that we assemble our filter. Minor problem though... we learned this morning that one of our group members went home (home-home, not her Mac-home) because she is sick (fever of 39.4 degrees c). Nothing we can't work around, but as promised, this blog is recording all of the obstacles we face along the way...

- L, V, S

Meeting Two

Thursday, October 10th

Let the v-logging commence

Thoughts after our tutorial on Wednesday, October 9th.